Common mistakes electric vehicle drivers should avoid

  • Following some key tips can ensure a long life for your electric vehicle and a smooth driving experience with it.
2023 Tata Nexon EV Facelift Review
Following some key tips can ensure a long life for your electric vehicle and a smooth driving experience with it.
2023 Tata Nexon EV Facelift Review
Following some key tips can ensure a long life for your electric vehicle and a smooth driving experience with it.

With the rapidly rising popularity and demand for electric vehicles (EVs), more vehicle buyers are opting for environment-friendly pure electric cars and two-wheelers instead of conventional fossil fuel-driven vehicles. Encouraged by this uptick in demand and sales, automakers are also bringing in new electric vehicles in the Indian market. This is a cycle, where demand and supply are complementing each other and eventually help the EV industry in the country to grow significantly.

With any new technology, there remains some confusion among the early adopters. In this case, the drivers and owners of the electric vehicles often tend to make some mistakes, which should not be made to optimise the driving experience and ensure the EVs' longevity.

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Here are some mistakes that electric vehicle owners and drivers should be aware of.

1 Lack of route planning

Range anxiety is one of the key challenges every EV owner faces. While modern electric vehicles are increasingly offering improved range and charging time, the electric powertrain technology is still in its primary phase. Hence, the anxiety will take some time to be alleviated. However, one common mistake EV owners make is not planning the route properly before the journey. Taking a longer route ensures higher fuel consumption for fossil fuel vehicles. At the same time, this makes the electric vehicles consume more battery juice, which results in lower range. Hence, EV owners should plan the route of their journey keeping multiple factors in mind. One should always choose the route that is shorter and also keep the availability of charging stations en route in mind.

2 Ignoring regenerative braking

One of the unique features of electric vehicles is regenerative braking, which relies on the conversion of kinetic energy into electricity. This technology ensures whenever the brake is applied or the driver releases the accelerator, the EV slows down naturally and the brake energy recuperation starts converting the kinetic energy into electricity, which is stored in the battery pack for use for propulsion. Many EV drivers overlook this feature and end up missing opportunities to get increased range from their electric vehicles. Using this feature also reduces wear and tear on the vehicle's brakes.

3 Frequent and overcharging of the battery

Frequent charging and overcharging the battery of the electric vehicle are other common mistakes made by EV owners. Overcharging can be detrimental to the EV's battery pack's longevity. While modern EVs come with built-in advanced technology that prevents overcharging, older vehicles lack this technology. Overcharging can essentially reduce the longevity of the battery pack and reduce its effectiveness as well. On the other hand, frequent charging of an EV battery too impacts the battery pack's health negatively. It is always recommended to keep the battery charge level between 20 and 80 per cent

4 Ignoring maintenance

Just like petrol or diesel-powered vehicles, electric vehicles too require proper maintenance to ensure delivery of optimal performance in the long run. However, many EV owners neglect the requirement of maintenance of an electric vehicle, which ultimately impacts the vehicle's battery, performance and efficiency. It is always advised to follow the manufacturer's guidelines for the maintenance of the vehicle.

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