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Toyota is looking at making the most of the rush for electric vehicles in European markets and its upcoming X Prologue EV could be just what buyers are looking for as a viable alternatives to the likes of Tesla and Volkswagen. The Japanese car maker has largely remained tight-lipped about the X Prologue but recently shared a teaser image of the EV ahead of its March 17 showcase.

The X Prologue is expected to be a midsize crossover and as per the teaser image released, gets a sweeping light across its face which also gets LED head lights and jewel-like DRLs.

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Reports suggest that the X Prologue is primarily meant for European markets but may be manufactured at Toyota's EV-only facility in Japan. It is not yet known if, therefore, the EV will also be offered to Japanese buyers.

What is known though is that the X Prologue would be the first Toyota EV to roll out from its E-TGNA platform which will form the base of all subsequent models.

Vehicles based on the E-TGNA platform are likely to have striking exterior designs which are a major departure from models currently sold by Toyota. The platform would also allow the car maker to roll out models of a variety of body shapes and structures.

But it is the X Prologue that will form the basis on which the future EV course is decided for Toyota. The European market is currently dominated by Tesla but Volkswagen too has been playing a determined innings to have a larger share - and say - here. As such, X Prologue could potentially give Toyota a foothold of sorts to establish itself as a viable option in the battery-powered vehicle segment as well.