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Photo courtesy: Picasso Automotive
Photo courtesy: Picasso Automotive

This Picasso PS-01 is artwork of the Swiss supercar kind, weighs just 900 kilos

  • Most of the body of this Swiss supercar is made of carbon-fiber materials. This helps Picasso PS-01 keep its weight down to an absolute minimum.

If you have never heard of a Swiss supercar, you would hardly be alone. The European country known for its picture-perfect countryside and serene mountains is hardly the kind of place where one may find a roaring supercar being developed. But that is exactly why Picasso Automotive is out and about to prove that its Picasso PS-01 supercar is a storm in serenity.

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Being developed in Switzerland's Lugano, the Picasso PS-01 boasts of a massive 10.5 feet carbon fiber panel and a rear frame that is made of the same material. This helps the supercar be almost feather light at 900 kilos.

Not much has yet been revealed about the engine of this supercar but it is expected that it will pack in some serious punch. The power-to-weight ratio is where the Picasso PS-01 could find its core strength and the images released reveal that the engine could be mid-mounted.

It is reported that the Picasso PS-01 will hit test tracks in a few months and could be available in the market at a later date in 2021. It is also reported that the company has already received a few orders for it.

At a time when Italian and French supercars dominate the tracks, it would be interesting to see what Picasso PS-01 has on offer. Although such vehicles are only made in very limited numbers and are extremely exclusive, there is also the larger question of the fate of supercars in a world moving towards electric mobility. Will V6, 8, 10 or even 12 engines as we know them die a gradual death, replaced by electric motors? Or can these remain as relevent as they are loved in the future? Time will tel

  • First Published Date : 08 Jan 2021, 09:33 AM IST