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Hyundai is all set to debut Alcazar SUV, its first seven-seater model in India, later this week. It has recently shown the Alcazar SUV going through durability tests in a camouflaged look, revealing certain key things that are likely to be retained in the production version of the SUV as well.

The Alcazar SUV is essentially based on the highly-successful Creta SUV, and will be available in both 6 and 7-seater options. Hyundai claims the SUV has been tested in different weather and terrain conditions and is quite a capable ‘go-anywhere’ type vehicle.

While Creta SUV has been Hyundai’s best seller in India for about a year now, the Korean carmaker will hope to replicate the success in the three-row SUV segment too with Alcazar. Hyundai hopes Alcazar’s similarities with Creta will attract a lot of fanbase who would want to upgrade to a bigger SUV that offers similar comfort and drive experience.

Here are five key things that will separate Alcazar from its 5-seater avatar Creta.


Premium looks:

The video recently shared by Hyundai showing the camouflaged Alcazar being tested, shows few design tweaks that will separate the 7-seater SUV from the Creta SUV. For a start, a closer look at the camouflaged grille will reveal finer details. The grille on the Alcazar now closely resembles the new parametric jewel grille seen in Hyundai's latest global models. It certainly is a departure from Creta's grille that looked much simpler in design and looks much more premium. The tail lights too are likely to get a new design, and is expected to be bigger than the ones seen on Creta SUVs.


More comfort:

A second major difference between the Alcazar and Creta SUVs will be inside. The Alcazar SUV, to be available both in 6- and 7-seater variants, will offer captain seats for the middle row. The captain seats will have its dedicated centre console with armrest, as was shown in the sketches released by Hyundai of the interior. The console appears to be floor-mounted and will have space for cupholders. According to reports, it will also have wireless charging options for captain seat passengers as well.


Increased Length:

The Alcazar SUV is certainly going to be longer than Creta SUV. While the carmaker has not revealed any detail about Alcazar's dimensions yet, it definitely looks a stretched version of Creta in the video. The wheelbase, like the platform, is likely to remain same. For the record, Hyundai Creta SUV stands 4300 mm in length, 1790 mm wide and 1635 mm tall. Creta's wheelbase is 2610 mm long.


Bigger wheels:

While the Hyundai Creta SUV is available in the market with 17-inch alloy wheels, the Alcazar SUV will get them a notch bigger in radius. The Alcazar is likely to stand on 18-inch wheels that will have a diamond-cut alloy design as seen on the video. However, the 18-inch wheels on the camouflaged Alcazar on testing tracks looks slightly smaller compared to the overall dimension of the test mule.


Dual-tone interior:

The sketch of the Alcazar SUV's interior, as was shared by Hyundai earlier, shows a dual-tone interior with black and dark brown theme. The upholstery appears different from the one found inside a Creta SUV. There have been several leaked photos of the Alcazar's interior recently, which also hint at a black and beige theme inside the cabin.

  • First Published Date : 05 Apr 2021, 09:25 AM IST