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Photo courtesy: facebook.com/carnewschina
Photo courtesy: facebook.com/carnewschina

Byton starts producing M-Byte electric SUV with the largest display in the world

  • With a massive 48-inch display screen, the electric SUV is set to hit the market in early 2021.

As China limps back to normalcy after the coronavirus pandemic, carmakers are opening facilities to resume work. Chinese electric vehicle startup Byton has also got back to work by beginning production of its latest electric SUV M-Byte.

Byton has started production of the M-Byte e-SUV at its new headquarters in Nanjing , China.

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The first units will leave the assembly line and with the intention that the first customers can receive their units during the months of the first half of 2021.

Design-wise it looks very similar to the M-Byte unveiled as the 'production car' at the Guangzhou Auto Show in November last year. Only the design of the alloys is different, which much simpler than as shown on the show. The electric SUV also comes with thin LED headlights that are integrated as a part of the grille.

The Byton production model will be offered with the large 48-inch digital display in the standard equipment. The display, with 4K definition, is also capable of generating animations, synchronising colours and images with lighting in the various points of the passenger compartment.

Photo courtesy: Twitter/@BYTONcars
Photo courtesy: Twitter/@BYTONcars

The display screen of the Byton M-Byte can be managed through gesture and voice commands , or by using a second seven-inch touch screen mounted in the centre of the steering wheel. It is possible to divide the visual field into several parts , for example to simultaneously reproduce navigation maps and a web browser together with the car's instrumentation , interacting with the system also via tablet and smartphone.

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The other features that will also be part of the standard equipment is a large panoramic glass roof that can be operated electronically.

The Byton M-Byte promises a competitive segment of sustainable mobility in the European market dominated by the large premium manufacturers, but equipped with advanced technology. Customers will be able to choose between two versions: one or two electric motors with 270 and 400 HP of power , respectively, and a battery with autonomies of 480 and 420 kilometres.

  • First Published Date : 15 Apr 2020, 11:05 AM IST