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There's nothing new about car companies looking at cutting down on costs in Covid-19 times to better negotiate a path through the pandemic. But Stellantis may be hitting where it hurts the most. According to a report in Reuters, the car company in Italy has plans of reducing the number of toilets at its factories in the country. In some of the facilities, the plans are already afoot.

Stellantis was created after the merger between Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and PSA Group with the objective of conserving cash. The move to reduce the number of toilets and cleaning services at its facilities in Italy, however, may be taking things a bit too far.

It is reported that the number of available toilets at the Mirafiori factory in Turin have already been reduced. This was confirmed to Reuters by a union member who added that there is a growing concern among employees here.

At the Atessa plant too, cleaning services have been decreased by around 35% which has led to concerns that such a move would be detrimental in Covid-19 times when hygiene remains a priority for everyone. A union leader here stated that he believes these measures are coming from the local management.

What impact, if any at all, this would have on production is not yet known. But no company would prefer a line that is possibly longer outside toilets than the actual assembly chain.

But these are hardly the only measures undertaken. Some of the other steps are re-organizing transport services at and reduced temperatures inside some of the factories.

Stellantis does have a monumental task of managing costs while also managing multiple brands that are under its name. This includes Alfa Romeo, Lancia, DS, apart from Peugeot