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Photo courtesy: DICV
Photo courtesy: DICV

Specialized BharatBenz reefer truck for transporting Covid-19 vaccines showcased

  • Daimler India Commercial Vehicles has collaborated with Motherson Group to ensure the reefer truck can provide quick yet secure transportation of vaccine doses.

Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV) on Friday unveiled its BharatBenz ‘BSafeExpress’ reefer truck in collaboration with Motherson Group, promising quick and safe transportation of Covid-19 vaccines from one location to another in the country. Making use of newly-developed refrigeration units, these trucks claim to ensure required temperatures and stability are maintained during transit.

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The process of vaccination began in India earlier this month and vaccines are being sent across the country while maintaining the conditions required to ensure the effectiveness of the doses. To this end, DICV states that the BharatBenz reefer trucks can protect the vaccines end to end, from shipment to final delivery.

The collaboration with the Motherson Group is also significant. Motherson Group’s refrigerated container (intelligent reefer) is made from Glass Reinforced Plastic, XPS Foam, and other carefully chosen materials that ensure the product is strong, water-resistant, and non-corrosive, yet light-weight and highly insulated. It is claimed that the container can be assembled locally in as little as 96 hours, making it a much more practical solution than conventional products which can take three or more weeks to deliver.

The reefer is mounted on the BharatBenz 2823R chassis. DICV informs that this ensures maximum uptime and faster turnaround, two factors crucial when transporting life-saving materials.

  • First Published Date : 22 Jan 2021, 04:04 PM IST