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It could cost a fortune to own a supercar and American media personality Paris Hilton paid an exorbitant sum of $463,000 ( 3.3 crore approx) for a shiny new 2006 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, which she no longer owns. Now, buying a depreciated supercar once owned by a celebrity seems attractive but the massive maintenance costs it comes with is just absurd. So much so that it could buy you a base Mercedes A-Class.

Just like most supercars from the 2000s, the McLaren SLR depreciated quite dramatically and Hilton's supercar was sold for only $180,000 (approximately 1.3 crore) at an online auction recently, Motor 1 reported. But keeping this car in shape is turning out to be a financial catastrophe for the new owner of this rare supercar. A little over 2,100 McLaren SLR's were assembled by the company at its home facility.

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When the new owner sent the supercar to a certified repair shop for a simple oil change process, he did not expect that the vehicle would be in the need of some serious maintenance. The mechanic reportedly handed him a long list of repairs including an 'A Service' for $2,105, a steering rack for $6,270, a used genuine Mercedes turbine-styled wheel for $1,899 to replace the bent one, and a new power steering pump for $2,220.

That's not all. The list further included replacement of aftermarket batteries with fresh OEM ones for $1,350, replacing the brake line mounts for $1,350, new tire pressure monitoring sensors for $1,700 and brake caliper cooling ducts for $1,250.

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Some miscellaneous items that were asked to be replaced include new wipers for $105, a washer nozzle for $500, a tire fit container for $215,gas cap tether for $100, and a drain plug replacement for $850. Then there are some components that wear out over time such as the wheel bolts, adding to extra costs. In fact, the brake rotors will also have to be changed in some time for a whopping $20,000.

The supercharged V8 engine supercar that has clocked nearly 33,800 kilometers is in need of maintenance worth nearly $34,565 ( 25 lakh approx). By spending around $1,000 less, one could even buy a base version of Mercedes A-Class in the US. But then again, an A-Class isn't an SLR, is it?