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Excited to take your electric vehicle into the wild? Great. Too worried to run out of power? Too bad. But wait, there may be a solution at hand for all those who like to live under an open sky and experience nature at its best. Living Vehicle, a motor home meant for comfortable stays in the open world now comes with a mammoth power back up that is good enough to charge electric vehicles (EVs).

Equipped with 3,080 watts of solar and 47,600 watt-hours of energy storage, 2021 Living Vehicle is a trailer seeks to not just address hospitality needs out in the open but also juice up the EV that may be pulling it on the roads. And while hardly any of the EVs currently on roads will be able to pull over 5,200 kilo trailer, those that can, can be rest assured of getting thanked in kind. Plus the towing capabilities of upcoming EVs are being touted to be enough to pull trailers like 2021 Living Vehicle which means by the time it does it production lines, there would already be the likes of Tesla Cybertruck and GM Hummer to compliment it.

According to reports, 2021 Living Vehicle is open for orders and has a base asking price of $229,995. And that is not just for the ability to charge an EV but for all the comfort it promises. It claims to offer amenities that are common in modern homes like a queen-size bed and bunk beds - these can sleep four, dining table, functional kitchen, space for appliances like washing machines, an office space and even WiFi connectivity and a home theatre.

2021 Living Vehicle also claims to be absolutely pet friendly. (Photo courtesy: livingvehicle.com)
2021 Living Vehicle also claims to be absolutely pet friendly. (Photo courtesy: livingvehicle.com)

The company claims 2021 Living Vehicle has a hybrid structural engineering system and that it has been made using solid aluminium and not plywood to ensure longevity. It has also been reportedly tested for durability on a wide variety of road conditions.