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Porsche, together with the start-up Viscopic, has developed an augmented reality function to avoid mistakes when assembling electric drives. The artificial intelligence (AI) solution helps ensure correct installation of EV drive systems.

Porsche says the goal of the partnership is to jointly develop a solution based on computer vision - a field of AI - for use in assembly. Computer vision deals with ways of extracting information from visual data that makes it possible to identify and categorise certain objects in images. Porsche developed a digital 'poka-yoke' - a method used in mobile phone SIM cards where SIM can only be inserted in the phone in one way.

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Thus, using this digital solution, assembly engineers can access instruction and troubleshooting manuals that help them when performing their work without taking their eyes or hands off the product. “The digital solution that Viscopic has developed for us is currently protecting us in the prototype phase against incorrect component installation," says Tobias Schmack, Technology Developer in the Electric Drive Planning department.

Though Porsche normally uses components that are designed according to the poka-yoke principle in order to exclude mistakes during assembly from the very start, there are also areas where this idea for error prevention does not work. This is the case with the electric powertrain of the future that the carmaker is currently working on. Thus, Porsche had to turn to digital solutions in order to ensure completely error-free assembly of electric drives.