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April 1st is celebrated as April Fools' Day. Every year, this day pranksters and jokes galore and spread cheer without any hard feelings. While Volkswagen pulled a prank when it announced a name change, now the cab aggregator, Ola said it has ventured into the fully autonomous flying car business.

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Ola chairman and group CEO Bhavish Aggarwal on Thursday announced on Twitter, "Excited to unveil the world’s first and only fully autonomous electric flying car. The Ola AirPro."

"Ab har family bharegi udaan," the Ola CEO said, adding that test flights can now be booked online at the company site.

Ola also published a product development video showing that its flying car will need to be charged only once and then it will self-charge on the go. Also, it will be a fully autonomous vehicle, thus no pilot/driver will be required to control the vehicle. As per the video, the vehicle will be capable of vertical take-off and landing, thus requiring no runway. Also, it will have a top speed of up 350 km/h. As the concept model depicts, it doesn't have pointy propeller blades.

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Goes without saying, this is nothing more than just an April Fool's prank and Ola's arch-rival - Ather Energy didn't miss the opportunity to take a dig at Ola on this. The company tweeted, “Let’s hope Ola’s electric scooters aren’t as dated as their April fools attempts."