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A British man was recently stopped by cops for driving his BMW despite a national lockdown in place to check the spread of Covid-19 disease. He reportedly argued that he was on a break from his wife and children after being cooped up inside the same house but the authorities were hardly convinced by the 'essential journey' argument put forth.

People in many countries are restricted to their homes as governments have imposed national lockdowns amid rising cases of Covid-19. UK remains one of the worst-hit countries and has struggled to keep people inside homes. Sunbathing and exercising outdoors have been quite rampant according to local media reports but driving away from family is quite a unique excuse. And yet, that is exactly what a man behind the wheels of a BMW told cops when he was stopped in Cornwall.

Upon questioning, the man stated that he was taking a break from his wife and was on a 170-mile (270 kilometers) round road trip. People are allowed to take out their cars for essential journeys like for medical reasons and to go buy important supplies, a break from family was never going to cut it with the cops. The police department also tweeted about the incident and once again appealed to all to stay at home.

Such incidents are being increasingly reported from across the UK. Previously, a driver was stopped after he was caught speeding at 130 miles per hour. His excuse? He thought he had Covid-19 and was rushing to get himself tested.