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At a time when Tesla has faced some degree of flak for its Autopilot system being the cause of several crashes, news of its cars being involved in horror accident without passengers getting hurt or injured would come as a bitter-sweet pill of relief. A Twitter used recently took the micro-blogging site to thank Tesla for the standard of safety in the Model 3 after the car was involved in an accident that rendered it almost beyond recognition.

The person involved in the accident tweeted that he was at 80 kmph when a crossing truck lost a wheel which came hurling down to strike his car. "Walked away without a scratch. Buying the same model again," he wrote.

While the Model 3 clearly suffered extensive damage, it is indeed a big achievement for the person behind the wheel to have come out without any injuries. Such accidents usually tend to cause either fatalities or at least cause serious injuries.

Tesla has always made bold claims about the safety features of its cars and Model 3, its most affordable offering currently, is no different. And while Model 3's popularity in markets where it is offered is well established, such instances of passenger and driver safety could be a further shot in the arm for Tesla.