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Big is better or at least this is what several dealers of Honda and Volvo truly believe in as they urge car makers to invest in larger SUVs in order to generate more interest among buyers. At a time when SUVs are ruling roads the world over, the preference for such vehicles in the US has been significantly more than elsewhere and Honda and Volvo dealers are now reportedly making their opinions known.

Large SUVs and pickups dominate the US landscape with sales picking up swiftly from Covid-19 lockdown days. Gone are the days when sedans were the overwhelming favourites among buyers with more and more now opting for larger vehicles.

According to reports, the Honda National Dealer Advisory Board in the US has expressed a desire for an SUV that is larger than Pilot SUV that is currently in its third generation here. Board chairman William Feinstein was quoted by Automotive News as saying that spacious three-row SUVs, one with a longer wheelbase, will generate more interest from buyers.

Same is true for Volvo as well. The Swedish car maker competes in the luxury space where its bigger cars have had an uphill ask against the likes of Mercedes-Benz GLS and BMW X7. Volvo Retail Advisory Board Chairman Ernie Norcross was quoted by the same publication mentioned above as saying that he would want an SUV which sits above the XC90. This car, according to him, would not only allow for greater buyer interest but also help with larger profit opportunities for dealers.

The emphasis on SUVs is recognized by several car makers as the catalyst needed to boost sales. And while emerging markets in India have showcased a preference towards compact SUVs that are easy to drive within city limits, the US customer tends to prefer larger vehicles for more frequent road trips.