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Drive-thru facilities have offered a quick, safe and convenient way for people across the world to check if they have Covid-19 infection while minimising the risk posed to frontline healthcare workers. A common sight in several countries, India had its first such facility in Delhi in the first week of April and this has now been ramped up to cater to more people as cases continue to surge in the national capital.

News agency ANI reported on Friday that the 20-minute drive-thru testing facilities in Delhi have been increased with private labs like Dr Dangs scaling up operations here. "We've now established our third drive through Covid-19 testing facility near Siri Fort auditorium. The other two facilities are in Saket and Punjabi Bagh, Dr Arjun Dang, CEO, Dr Dangs Lab, was quoted as saying. "Anyone with mild or moderate symptoms can get their test done at this drive-through facility."

The major advantage of such facilities are that suspected patients don't have to even step out of their vehicles to get tests done. While this also seeks to reduce the burden on the city's hospitals, it reduces the chances of people being exposed to the possibility of contracting the virus in sensitive medical areas.

People wanting to make use of this facility have to first fill an online form on the website of the testing center, make payment through digital platforms and book a slot. Close to their allotted time, people can just drive to the facility, provide the healthcare professionals with the required samples and drive away.

Several other cities in the country also now have similar facilities. Experts say this is also the need of the hour, especially in cities like Delhi and Mumbai which are leading the tally of most cases reported.