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A Bugatti car may only be affordable for a select few but a line of smartwatches by the maker of ultra fast supercars may find many more takers. Bugatti has introduced a new smartwatch collection that consists of three sleek watches that offer the luxurious experience that the brand is known for. With the cost nearly on-par with a premium Apple watch, one may not have to be super-rich to get hands on one of these.

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Called Bugatti Ceramique Edition One, these watches have been named after the luxury carmaker’s special edition models - Pur Sport, Divo, and Le Noire. Each smartwatch has a 390 x 390 pixel LED touchscreen and has more than 1,000 components inside. These watches also boast of GPS location, compatibility with more than 90 sports, health monitoring, feature to monitor and record lap times, and more. The bezels for all three models are made of scratch-resistant ceramic. There is also a high-strength and hypoallergenic cover which is made from lightweight titanium.

Bugatti has collaborated with Austria-based VIITA Watches for this unique collection. "At Bugatti, we continue to drive innovation in leading-edge technologies, this is why we are excited about our new collaboration with VIITA Watches," said Bugatti President Stephan Winkelmann, adding how these utmost luxurious smartwatches with bespoke software features make each stand out from the crowd of digital watches. Each example has been made by hand and produced by a team of IT and watch experts.

The Ceramique Edition One watches can go up to 14 days without charging, thanks to custom-built 445mAh power cell, and if any customer faces any issue, there is a five-year warranty available as well.

Cost of these smartwatches starts from €899 or $1,100 or about 80,000.