0 to 75% charge in 5 minutes! This company claims to make EV charging that fast

If the company’s claims are to be believed, you will be able to charge your electric vehicles as fast as refuelling cars at petrol pumps.
By HT Auto Desk
| Updated on: 15 Jan 2020, 07:30 AM
File photo for representational purpose
File photo for representational purpose

Imagine recharging your electric vehicle to the full in a little more than five minutes. Sounds crazy, right?

Enevate, a US-based company which makes Li-ion batteries, claims it can help reduce the long waiting period to get your car fully recharged with their advanced technology.

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The company claims the new XFC-Energy technology achieves 5-minute charging to 75 percent capacity with 800 Wh/L cell energy density. Currently, conventional large-format Li-ion EV cells are at 500-600 Wh/L and typically take over 1 hour to charge.

Enevate announced its new 4th generation technology optimized for high volume commercialisation and manufacturing at gigafactory scale. Enevate is providing extreme fast charging with high energy density. According to Enevate, the cost of the material is lower than conventional Li-ion batteries.

“Mass EV adoption by consumers and fleet owners will depend to a large degree on advanced battery technology that will remove current barriers to entry such as long charging times and limited range," said Christian Noske, Chairman of Alliance Ventures (Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi). “Enevate is a key enabler for electric vehicles that are affordable, easy and quick to charge, and clean."

Enevate’s 4th generation XFC-Energy technology could be a game-changer for the EV industry, providing a path to produce extreme fast-charge EV batteries at low cost and high-volume production.

Enevate is currently working with multiple automotive OEMs and EV battery manufacturers to commercialise its technology for 2024-2025 model year EVs, utilising existing manufacturing infrastructure with minimal investment required, a core goal of its development.

First Published Date: 15 Jan 2020, 07:30 AM IST

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