How to maintain a car to avoid major repair costs. Key tips

For any car owner keeping up with his or her car maintenance is one of the major headaches. It may not be the most thrilling thing to do for majority of the car owners, however, neglecting the basic maintenance works of a car can result in major repairs that demand a hefty cost that dents on the car owner's savings. Paying a little bit of routine attention to the vehicle is completely worth it, as it can help you avoid major repairs and related costs.

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| Updated on: 28 Aug 2023, 12:30 PM
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Following some easy and basic maintenance tips can result in longer and smoother running of your car.
Following some easy and basic maintenance tips can result in longer and smoother running of your car.

Here are some of the easy tips to make sure that your car remains well maintained that will ensure avoidance of major repair costs.

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Change the oil periodically

Skipping oil changes including engine oil, transmission oil, and brake oil can result in a hefty repair. Oil problems can be some of the costliest car maintenance issues to fix since the lubricating oils impact pretty much everything your car does. So never skip it. Change the oil every 8,000 km or follow the carmaker's recommendations.

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Keep the battery clean

Battery terminals tend to develop corrosion that affects the performance of the entire electrical system of the vehicle. Eventually, the battery could develop a crack or simply stop functioning. Hence, always keep them clean and test the battery twice a year. Also, check it for corrosion periodically to avoid a hefty repair cost.

Replace cabin air filter timely

A car cabin air filter keeps pollutants from coming in through the AC vents, which is an invisible yet pretty important job. Hence, treat the air filters well. Using an old air filter long past its designated lifespan can result in major issues for the air conditioning system. Servicing an AC unit is not at all a pricey affair. However, not servicing it can result in a large expenditure in the long run. If you drive through a highly dusty area, then it is recommended to replace the air filter every 12 months.

Change windshield wipers timely

Windshield wipers play a very crucial role in ensuring better visibility, especially during rain. Eventually, they ensure the safety of the vehicle and the occupants. The windshield wipers can develop cracks, and wear and tear due to temperature fluctuations and exposure to other natural elements. A malfunctioning windshield wiper can result in unusual sounds and leave marks on the glass. Hence, it is better to replace them timely as and when required.

Check all the lights

The lights of a car play a crucial role in enhancing safety. While headlights ensure better visibility in dark driving conditions, turn indicators, brake lights, and taillights ensure other drivers and pedestrians can see your vehicle's position and intended movements. In short, lights act as a tool to see and communicate with other drivers. Hence, regularly check all the lights of the car are functioning properly.

Check and keep tyres inflated

It is important to keep all four tyres and the spare one in good shape. The last thing you want is to discover your spare is flat in the need of the hour. It is best to test the air pressure of all five tyres and inflate them as and when required.

Replace brake pads

Brakes are the first line of defence in many emergency situations. If you hear a squeaking sound whenever hitting the brakes, it is time to change the brake pads. If you avoid changing the brake pads, it can result in a major issue and lead to high expenditures to repair the damage. Also, that is very dangerous as it may result in a nonfunctional brake.

Rotate the tyres

Rotating the tyres is a basic maintenance recommended by every car manufacturer. By following this, you can easily extend the lifespan of the tyres, as the rotation of all four tyres ensures even wear and tear for them as they are the ones that bear the most brunts while running on roads. Try to rotate the tyres every 8,000 km.

Check suspension system

The suspension system is the one that probably doesn't come to your mind often, but trust us, it is the intricate mechanism that bears the brunt of rough roads, potholes and all other tantrums the Indian roads throw at your car. A good suspension setup ensures your ride is not bouncy. Hence, check the suspension setup periodically and do the needful as and when required.

Basic car maintenance to avoid major repair costs
Step 1 :

Change oil periodically

Step 2 :

Always keep battery clean

Step 3 :

Replace cabin air filter timely

Step 4 :

Change windshield wipers as required

Step 5 :

Check all the lights regularly

Step 6 :

Check tyre pressure regularly

Step 7 :

Replace brake pads as required

Step 8 :

Rotate tyres periodically

Step 9 :

Check suspension system

First Published Date: 28 Aug 2023, 12:30 PM IST
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