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A 16-km long suspension bridge in China was recently caught on camera shaking violently with hundred of motorists stranded on it. Videos shared on social media platforms show high winds make the bridge sway like ocean waves as several vehicles try to cross it.

The video, captured by CCTVs, went viral online before the bridge was officially shut down for safety reasons.

The incident took place on May 5 shortly after 3pm local time. The Humen Bridge, a suspension bridge over Pearl River connecting the Nansha District of Guangzhou City of Guangdong Province and Dongguan City, started to sway violently forced by strong winds. As the video shows, the top of the bridge was waving up and down like ocean waves.

Chinese officials said the shaking was caused by high winds hitting the bridge, which created a massive vortex. The meteorological authorities of Guangzhou City said that 6 to 7 grades of strong winds caused the bridge to shake so violently.

Though the bridge is designed to be shaken to a certain degree according to the influence of the wind, hundreds of motorists who were caught in the middle of it were stranded. Many of them were scared for their lives. Some were even caught running after parking their vehicles to escape what they thought was an imminent collapse of the bridge.

The local transport authority said the main structure of the bridge remained intact after the wind vortex hit it. However, a thorough investigation has been ordered to assess damage and take further precautions.