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Several motorists had a narrow escape when a small plane was forced to land in the middle of a highway due to engine failure. The incident happened in Kansas City in Missourie, US on May 19.

The video was captured by a person in one of the vehicles on the eastbound I-470 highway. The owner of the vehicle later shared the video on social media. It shows how the pilot managed to land the plane as several other cars were moving right next to it. The vehicles were forced to stop as the drivers saw the plane descending so close to the cars.

The plane, which was to land at a nearby airfield barely minutes away, had to make an emergency landing. According to the Missourie State Highway Patrol the pilot of the twin-engine Bonanza plane experienced engine failure as he made his final approach towards the Lee’s Summit Municipal Airport nearby.

Fortunately, there was no damage to any cars on the road. The plane reportedly hit a few signs while landing but no other serious damage was reported. No one was hurt either. But the incident forced the highway to remain closed for hours before the plane could be moved and the road cleared for traffic.

Reportedly, this is not the first time such an incident has happened at this stretch of the particular highway. There have been a few other such incidents when a plane has landed on this highway for one reason or the other.