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The popular affordable furniture brand, Ikea has announced that it will retail pre-built homes assembled on a flatbed trailer.

Ikea has joined hands with media company Vox Creative and Wisconsin-based tiny home and RV builder ESCAPE in order to come up with the 187-square-foot dwellings. While Ikea is known for making assemble-it-yourself furniture, the new tiny mobile homes come pre-built, constructed on a flatbed trailer.

These tiny flatbed trailer homes can be taken on the road hooked on the back of the car and can be parked anywhere when required. With on-demand water and solar energy, the customer also doesn't need to rely on external support for these necessities.

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The base Ikea Boho XL model has been priced from $47,500 and can be added up with additional features for a customized feel. The company has left no stones unturned to make the tiny home multifunctional. The entire space inside the tiny home has been designed in a very efficient way. For example, both the queen-sized bed as well as couch have built-in storage spaces underneath, to free up space when not in use.

“How I started was really listing out all the needs for the space," IKEA senior interior design leader Abbey Stark said in an IKEA video.“Like, how do you design around a wheel well and the mechanics of the home? I wanted to source renewable, reusable, and recycled materials when possible to make the space functional as well as beautiful."

The flatbed trailer homes concept is quite popular among people who love to travel in the comfort of their homes, but sadly currently the Indian roads are quite tricky to handle trailer homes.