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Toyota Motor's recent commercial on its performance car GR Yaris has run into trouble down under. The new GR Yaris was recently launched and the carmaker was more eager to show its true colours in the commercial. However, the advertisement for the Toyota GR Yaris in Australia was red flagged for inciting reckless driving.

In November last year, Toyota announced the new range of its Yaris range, including the GR Yaris. The commercial revolves around story of three brothers trying to arrive at a marriage anniversary party. It also features two other from the Yaris family - the Yaris and the Yaris Cross.

The controversial part shows the moment when the Toyota GR Yaris in the commercial sets off from the garage. The car is seen skidding out from the garage and zips away to full speed.

The authorities in Australia pointed out that the advertisement advertises speeding that can influence people, which is very dangerous. They claim that the driver in GR Yaris performed a dangerous manoeuvre, that the authorities felt was like reckless driving.

The complaint refers to the Australian Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries' Motor Vehicle Advertising Code. It reads that different parts are violated, breaking speed limits and reckless driving. After several reviews, the Australian Advertising Standards Office ruled that it did not promote speeding, but reckless driving did.

The brand has shown its rejection of the same opinion, arguing that such an attitude is not promoted. Despite this, you must modify the ad if you want the spot to be broadcast on television. As a result, the company is once again facing an advertising withdrawal after, in 2014, local authorities in the United Kingdom also banned an advertisement in which occupants danced in the car.