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Renault has made nearly 1,300 Renault vehicles available to healthcare personnel to help them in the fight against coronavirus throughout France. The ZITY free-floating electric car-sharing service, presented last February, is being adapted to offer up to 300 Renault ZOE cars via Hoptisoins, the online service platform set up by AP-HP, to facilitate the daily life of healthcare professionals involved in the fight against Covid-19.

This free offer will initially be reserved for the staff of the nine hospitals in the Paris region involved in the fight against the epidemic. The first cars have been placed near these hospitals since March 30. Each AP-HP carer, beneficiary of the service, is being allocated a vehicle personally. The vehicles will be recharged and cleaned by ZITY teams during the caregivers' work periods and in full compliance with the health procedures in force.

Within the fleet, 10 ZOEs are also made available to the AP-HP logistics department at the Pitié-Salpêtrière site. These vehicles will be used to supply hospitals with essential equipment.

Renault's sales network in France has made nearly 1,000 vehicles available for free to caregivers to ensure their mobility in the event their personal vehicle is unavailable, for example due to maintenance or breakdown. 

These private vehicles, usually used as replacement vehicles or short-term rentals, are available at 150 Renault dealerships throughout France. Renault Retail Group, the manufacturer's distribution subsidiary, and the Renault Dealers Association are working alongside the Groupe Renault in this operation.

Besides this initiative, Renault is reportedly putting its 3D printing technology to produce visors crucial in fight against coronavirus.

Reuters recently reported that Renault has begun using 3D printing in Spain to manufacture medical visors for health workers in the country. These and other similar items are in short supply in Spain where over 17,000 people have died because of coronavirus so far.

Reuters has also quoted an engineer from Renault in the country as saying that the 3D printing technology can also be put to use to manufacture ventilators. Ventilators are crucial for patients with severe cases of coronavirus - officially called Covid-19 - and can help in providing respiratory support.

(With inputs from agencies)