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In a massive shot in the arm for advocates of clean mobility, Washington state has announced it would ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars here by 2030. That's under a decade left before manufacturers to come up with electric options, at least for buyers in this state.

The decision is significant because Washington's deadline to ban the sale of conventional cars is earlier than any other state in the US. The move comes after Washington State legislature passed the 'Clean Cars 2030' bill which targets all passenger vehicles of model year 2030 or thereafter to be battery-powered only. Electrek reports that since the bill seeks to ban the sale, purchase, or registration of any non-electric vehicle of model year 2030 or later, it would also apply to vehicles purchased elsewhere and brought into the state.

This could be a big impetus to the EV movement in the US, a movement that has gathered pace in recent times.

Manufacturers are racing to come up with battery-powered options for buyers in a bid to avoid a situation where they have products but are unable to sell these. Market watchers warn that it is likely to become a battle of survival for many and not having EVs in the product portfolio could well mean extinction.

While Tesla has a commanding lead in the personal mobility space, others like Ford and Volkswagen are trying to close the gap. Mercedes recently showcased its flagship sedan - EQS - which will touch down on US soil sometime this year.

And although several states worry about the loss in revenue earned from tax imposed on vehicular fuel, some of them have started efforts to reduce this dependence.