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Just because one can doesn't always mean one should. And with great power need also come a a great sense of respect for local rules and regulations. A woman in Italy had to learn these lessons the hard way after she was penalized heavily for driving her Range Rover on a beach where private vehicles were strictly prohibited.

The incident is from Italy where two women decided to spin their Range Rover Evoque on a Porto Cesareo’s beach in the country's Salento. The Evoque is equipped with a number of terrain and drive modes and is quite a capable SUV. But to still have a go in it on soft sand beaches, especially when it is restricted by law, may have been a rather obnoxious idea.

The incident was captured by local security cameras placed at a distance, as well as by locals. The footage not only shows the SUV chomping on sand but also reveals the frustration of some local residents in close proximity to the vehicle. The people can be seen trying to shun the car off the beach.

According to local reports, the residents eventually decided to lodge a complaint with authorities and the footage from the security cameras were referred to. The driver was not just found to be in violation of civic and environment-protection laws but is learnt to have also contravened Covid-19-related regulations.

As such, a hefty fine of 2,700 euros (approximately 2.43 lakh) was imposed.

The entire incident serves two main lessons - laws and rules ought not to ever be broken and that in current times, a camera is likely closer than what one may feel.