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For nearly a century, Bentley cars have been raved about for the sheer luxury offered on four wheels. Bentley cars around the world are synonymous with opulence and a sign of wealth, power and fame. For those who can afford one, the option to go beyond mobility is now opening wide and into residential space with the Crewe-based automaker recently announcing its first-ever Bentley-branded residences.

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A luxury tower called Bentley Residences, the ultra luxury homes will be constructed on Sunny Isles Beach in Miami's Florida. For it, Bentley has partnered with Dezer Development and the two will join hands with architectural firm Sieger Suarez Architects to complete the one-of-a-kind project.

With 60 floors and more than 200 apartments, the Bentley Residences will look to offer the same degree of absolute indulgence that is also found in Bentley cars. And then some more.

A prospective buyer can expect an apartment that either faces the ocean or the bayside, have floor-to-ceiling windows, individual balcony, pool, gym and sauna area. And while it is not mandatory to own a Bentley car to own a Bentley home, each customer can look forward to a multi-car garage as well. It is unlikely though that any of the cars here would be anything but a Bentley.

Construction is likely to begin in 2023 and it is expected to be completed by 2026. The prices haven't been revealed but much like with Bentley cars, the homes in Bentley Residences almost certainly would be beyond the reach of most.