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Hot wheels: 11-year-old charged for driving stolen car

  • The teen robber and his associate managed to snatch the Fitbit bracelet of an 80-year-old man.

Two teenagers, one 11-year-old and another 17-year-old, have been arrested by police on suspicion of robbing an 80-year-old Asian man in San Leandro residential area in California, US. The police said that the 11-year-old was also driving in a stolen blue Subaru car around the town.

After tracking down the suspects, the police said that the vehicle was stolen during a carjacking in Oakland, just a fews days before the juveniles robbed the elderly man.

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The elderly robbery victim was attacked by the juveniles when he was out for an evening walk in the residential area. A CCTV footage of the robbery shows the juveniles getting hold of the old man and pushing him to the ground, after which he falls down. The juveniles press against him on the ground start beating him up before tightly holding his arms and legs to restrict movement.

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The robbers managed to snatch his Fitbit bracelet and one of the juveniles can be heard laughing after the robbery is successful, reported local news channel. They then run away towards their blue Subaru. The victim suffered minor injuries and the police said that the victim's old age vs the robbers young age is a matter of concern. "The robbers' laughing while running away is just callous," police Lieutenant Ali Khan told the news channel.

Further investigating into the matter is underway in the San Francisco Bay Area as detectives find out if the juveniles committed any other crimes. "We are thankful that we were able to capture these juveniles safely and expeditiously," Khan was quoted as saying by the Associated Press.

The juvenile robbers are also suspected to have snatched a purse from a Hispanic woman an hour and a half after robbing the Asian man, as per the local channel. Though the robbers could be related to hate crime, the police has currently denied any such possibility.

  • First Published Date : 15 May 2021, 10:39 AM IST