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Photo courtesy: Kowagarasetai.com
Photo courtesy: Kowagarasetai.com

Drive-in haunted house in Japan offers scare, with social distancing in place

  • A Tokyo-based haunted house is offering a scary drive-in experience in a garage with all social distancing norms in place.

  • All cars are disinfected by the staff after the haunted trip is over. For an additional fees, cars can be splattered with 'blood' too.

Walking into a haunted house inhabited by 'dead people' and 'zombies' can get every bit as scary as it sounds. However, coronavirus has sabotaged every adventurous activity one could have planned of doing this year.

But this didn't let a Tokyo-based haunted house design company called Kowagarasetai - meaning 'a squad wanting to scare' - to sit back with hands folded.

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They have come up with a way of scaring people while maintaining the much needed social distancing - a drive-in haunted house.

Groups of up to four people per car can drive into a haunted garage where 'dead people' attack the car for about 20 minutes. The company's website says that every car is disinfected after the haunted trip and all scary performances take place outside the car which eliminates the anxiety of catching any infection. Besides the scary visual performance by the trained actors and other lighting effects, every car's radio is connected to a soundtrack that plays a scary story, claimed to be real by the company.

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Photo courtesy: Kowagarasetai.com
Photo courtesy: Kowagarasetai.com

The participation fee per car is 8,000 yen (around 5,600). In fact, one can also avail a car prepared by the haunted house for an extra 1,000 yen in case no member of the group possesses a right-sized car. According to the size of the garage, large or wagon vehicles are not permitted for participation.

The drive-in haunted house has another interesting attraction for cars - a bloody print. Their website says, "We will make your car bloody if you wish. You can take a commemorative photo after the event! Furthermore, the staff wipes the blood off the car." One has to pay an extra 1,500 yen for this bloody option and to get a framed image of the car later.

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Photo courtesy: Kowagarasetai.com
Photo courtesy: Kowagarasetai.com

The drive-in format for a haunted house is apparently scarier that the traditional ones. Producer Kenta Iwana was quoted as saying by AFP, "At the drive-in haunted house, guests are confined in a car so they can't escape the horror until the end." An actor of his squad said, "It's interesting to see their reactions so close up, while keeping social distance."

People in Japan are quite liking the idea of driving into a haunted garage as the website mentions that all scary performances in near future have been sold out.

  • First Published Date : 27 Jun 2020, 05:18 PM IST