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Photo courtesy Twitter/@JayinShanghai
Photo courtesy Twitter/@JayinShanghai

China's version of PUBG features Tesla cars and the marketing push is mammoth

  • Tesla cars will feature in Game of Peace which is China's version of PUBG mobile game.

A striking purple Model 3 and a Model X of the same hue were recently put on display in China as Tesla is going big on marketing its cars which will now also feature in 'Game of Peace' which is essentially China's version of the popular mobile game PUBG.

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The Tesla cars in purple colours have been put on display as part of a promotional campaign reportedly launched by the EV maker and Tencent. The two companies had entered into a partnership recently for Tesla cars to be included in Game of Peace. One of the campaigns reportedly had a mammoth crate placed in a mall in Shanghai with a Model 3 cars placed in a way that makes it appear as if the car is driving out.

Players of Game of Peace can get the special edition Tesla cars in the game as part of the marketing campaign but there is no word on whether Tesla will actually offer its cars in this colour in the real world. White, red and black are the dominant - and most preferred - colour themes on Tesla cars around the world but the purple hue could add a touch of dynamic flair to the options already available.

Tesla's partnership with Tencent is also crucial as it looks at further building on its dominance in the Chinese market. The Model 3 sold more than four times the number of units sold of the next EV in the month of June. The California-based company opened its first plant outside of the US - in Shanghai - late 2019 and it is a move that appears to have paid off well. With subsidies, incentives and lowered prices and deposit fees, Tesla is making rivals - both local as well as global - look shabby in the world's largest EV market.

  • First Published Date : 28 Jul 2020, 09:48 AM IST