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Petrol and diesel rates once again saw an increase on Friday, maintaining the northward trend that began on June 7 and has continued since. Diesel remained more expensive than petrol in Delhi with a litre of the fuel now costing 80.19, six paise more than petrol.

Diesel may still be cheaper than petrol in other metropolitan cities but prices of both fuels have touched new highs in recent weeks. In Mumbai, a litre of petrol and diesel cost 86.91 and 78.51, respectively. A litre of petrol in Kolkata now costs 81.82 while diesel's per litre cost is 75.34. In Chennai the petrol and diesel rates now stand at 83.37 and 77.44, respectively.

The price per litre of the two fuels vary from state to state because of different rates of local taxes and VAT imposed.

Indian Oil Corp had previously informed that it is because of VAT imposed by the Delhi government that diesel prices had shot past petrol on Wednesday.

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The taxes imposed on the two fuels by the central government as well as state governments form a large part of the final retail selling price. There has been a demand to bring the two fuels under Goods and Services Tax (GST) but its possibility remains extremely bleak. For now, governments are looking at revenue generation after weeks of lockdown created roadblocks in this regard. Oil marketing companies too are looking at cutting back on losses after having stopped daily fuel price revisions for 83 days up until resuming it on June 7.

There are enough indications, strong signs even, that fuel prices will continue to rise for the remaining days of June.