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This photo was tweeted by @anandmahindra
This photo was tweeted by @anandmahindra

Anand Mahindra shares photos of Bolero library on the move in Ludhiana

  • Anand Mahindra appreciates the noble cause for which the modified Bolero is being put to use.

Anand Mahindra on Wednesday took to Twitter to share images of a man in Ludhiana who operates a Bolero library on wheels in order to take the joy of reading to every part of the city. Known to share both humorous as well as inspirational messages on his micr-blogging profile, Mahindra's tweet once again generated a whole lot of interest from his followers.

In the photos tweeted by Mahindra, a modified Bolero with book shelves in glass cabinet can be clearly seen in what is a novel approach to making use of the vehicle. "Books from a Bolero.This is truly a noble ‘Off-Road’ application. My friend Minnie from Ludhiana shared this pic," the chairman of Mahindra Group wrote. "Harjinder Singh does this because he feels that people must hold & read books despite a digital world. The vehicle belongs to the Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle."

The tweet attracted praises almost instantly with netizens appreciating the modified Bolero and the man behind the wheels. The vehicle's trunk space appears to have been modified with a large cabinet with sliding glass doors with the books neatly stacked against each other for display. The cabinet can be opened for easy access to any book that needs to be taken out.

And while Bolero has indeed been known for its rugged appearance and drive capabilities, its use in a noble cause such as this is notable, eclipsed only by the man and the organization behind it.

  • First Published Date : 14 Oct 2020, 12:11 PM IST