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A carjacking suspect lost control of a stolen vehicle during a high-speed chase and fell off a cliff into the Pacific Ocean near Santa Cruz in California, United States.

A video of the car being tossed around by heavy waves along the shore, shot by a passerby, went viral. The incident took place earlier this week.

According to local police authorities, the carjacking attempt was made at a restaurant on the highway near Davenport on July 1. The Santa Cruz Police shared a post saying, “The suspect was seen fleeing toward Santa Cruz. Within a few minutes, the suspect was driving at a high rate of speed on West Cliff Drive and ended up driving over the cliff, into the surf near Stockton Avenue."

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Local reports say that the suspect walked inside a restaurant on the highway with a gun, and then fled with the stolen vehicle.

According to reports, the suspect was involved in a high-speed chase with local police authorities. He was driving at more than 100 mph when he hit the cliff. The suspect, surprisingly survived the massive hundred feet drop off the cliff. He was later seen climbing out of the car and reached to the safety of the rocky shoreline.

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It is still not clear whether the suspect jumped off the car before it went over the edge, or if he was inside the car when it landed on the water. The police has not revealed the identity of the suspect.