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A speeding white car crashed into an auto dealership in Miami, Florida on Wednesday, breaking the fences before landing on a parked black pickup truck. The horrid incident was captured in a surveillance footage showing the car spearing past a stop sign and then going air-borne before slamming into the dealership.

The speeding car, reportedly a Cadillac, as well as the black pickup have been wrecked completely. In fact, the car has damaged about six vehicles in total including the black pickup that it almost crushed, the owner of the dealership was shown as saying by the CBS Miami channel. He estimates the damages to cost him $100,000.

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Immediately after the crash occurred, the video footage showed a woman emerging from the wreck and fleeing the scene. She could be seen climbing onto the dealership fence and running away to the other side of the road. The woman is speculated to be a passenger of the speeding car.

The driver of the car was rescued by the firefighters. He sustained minor injuries and was taken to a nearby hospital, He is said to be in a stable condition, News Channel 8 reported.

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The dealership owner has been left disappointed by the incident and is further assessing the damage at a time when most businesses are struggling to get back on their feet.