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Tesla may have hit the zenith in terms of market value and have pioneered electric vehicles globally, but questions remain about the quality of its cars.

Recently, one of the users on Reddit shared a video of a Tesla Model S car losing its roof while speeding on a highway in China. The reason why this happened is still not clearcut and there is nothing in the video that suggests it was forced to come off.

The incident did not cause any accident or harm to anyone on the highway when it happened. One can see the roof panel suddenly coming off and flying across the highway.

It was later discovered that the owner of the Tesla Model S had got his car’s glass roof repaired a few days back at an authorised service centre.

This is not the first time such an incident has occurred with a Tesla car. Recently, another Tesla owner complained how its roof came off moments after driving it off in a brand new condition from one of the Tesla showrooms in the US.

The owner, Galacia Chien, took to social media saying that the incident happened barely two hours after he took the Tesla Model Y out of the parking lot of its dealership in California.

The video shared online by the owner does not have a conclusive proof of how the roof went off the Tesla Model Y. However, the owner claims it reportedly ‘fell off on the highway’ while he was driving back.

The owner did get an offer from the dealership to get his Tesla Model Y serviced for free. However, the owner rejected the offer to get a new car altogether. He did not confirm whether he will stick to Tesla though.

Reacting to the owner’s post, several other Tesla car owners shared their experience with quality control by the manufacturer.