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File photo of Tesla Cybertruck.
File photo of Tesla Cybertruck.

Tesla Cybertruck, controversial for its design, to get visual updates

  • Tesla Cybertruck has made many question the thought process behind how this EV was designed.

  • Over six lakh reservations for Cybertruck have already been made.

Tesla Cybertruck was showcased a year ago by CEO Elon Musk - back in November of 2019 - and it received a whole lot of attention at the time with many claiming it is revolutionary while still others blasting its massively unconventional looks. Books for the electric pick-up, touted as an offering with the capabilities of a sports car, filled up at brisk pace but the debate around its visual appeal has lingered on.

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The EV maker now, however, is gearing up to introduce a 'refreshed' Cybertruck with certain design changes to its exteriors.

While the details about these design changes are not known, it has been confirmed by Musk that he and the head of design at Tesla - Franz von Holzhausen - have been working closely to bring out improvements. Musk would go on to Twitter to announce that photos of the Cybertruck with the incorporated changes will be shared in about a month from now.

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It is unlikely that the Cybertruck will get any massive or radical design changes, irrespective of what critics have been highlighting, especially because there are around half a million buyers who have already placed orders, also based on how the EV looks. Instead, speculations suggest that plans of lowering the window sill height and a center line which is more level could make its way to what would be showcased soon.

Cybertruck has come in for periodic design reviews over the past several months and is Tesla's big-ticket entry into bigger vehicle space. Tesla claims that it has the utility of a truck with sports car performance and that it will boast of robust capabilities on and off the road.

At last count - in September, there had been over six lakh bookings made for the Cybertruck. "It's hard to say what the volume exactly would be for the Tesla Cybertruck. The orders are gigantic, so, we have like, I don't know, well over half a million orders. I think maybe six-hundred. It's a lot, basically. We stopped counting," Musk had said at the time.

  • First Published Date : 03 Nov 2020, 12:24 PM IST