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Incidents of a tires being stolen are common across India and in many parts of the world but it is particularly hurtful to see a gleaming Mercedes barely balance itself on bricks minus its wheels. And yet, this is what took place recently on a London street where a rare CLK was left without its tyres after vandals allegedly made off with them.

The car in question is not just any other Mercedes or CLK but a rare CLK 63 AMG Black Series with only 500 units ever produced. In a video posted on Youtube by Munch997, it can be seen precariously standing on bricks with its rare tires missing.

It is not clear yet about why the accused only took the rear wheels - it is suspected that something may have happened before they could make way to the front section, but that the expensive car was left to manage its weight on bricks points once again to how much of a menace vandalism is in any part of the world.

On a positive note though, the car itself appears not to have been damaged in any way and it is expected that the accused would be nabbed by police officials who are looking into this incident of crime.