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At a time when preference for personal mobility options are only increasing, Maruti Suzuki True Value has attempted to remain the preferred choice for those looking at a reliable and affordable buy. Established in 2001, Maruti Suzuki announced on Thursday that it had sold four million pre-owned cars through True Value outlets so far.

Maruti Suzuki True Value claims that several factors have helped it hit the significant milestone of four million. This includes transparency, convenience and a safe and reliable option for those who may be on a budget and yet won't want to compromise on the reliability aspect. Shashank Srivastava, Executive Director at Maruti Suzuki, says since the pre-owned car market here is largely unorganized, True Value emerged as a credible option for many. "True Value was setup to overcome these issues and ensure that buyers of pre-owned car get the same experience as new car buyers," he explained. "These outlets are digitally integrated through website and app so that customers can access details of all the cars available at True Value outlets from the comfort of their home. Our focus is to offer quality cars, refurbished and certified with the assurance of warranty."

There are currently more than 550 True Value outlets in the country across as many as 268 cities. Maruti Suzuki elaborates that there are 376 checks performed on a car during its refurbishment and certification process. The one year warranty aspect and three free services are directed at further calming uncertain nerves of prospective buyers.