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Santa Claus may be gearing up to bring out Rudolph and the other reindeer to charge up the sleigh but for the rest of the world, home is where the fun may be at this year. 2020 has been unprecedented and challenging in many ways, and it is estimated now that despite the holiday season the world over, road trips may be down 25% when compared to previous years due to Covid-19 pandemic still being a very real and present danger.

Several governments in European countries as well as the United States are urging people to keep a close watch on their celebrations. This is especially after a new mutant strain of the virus was reported in the UK which is believed to transmit even quicker. As such, a report in the US estimates that the country may see a significant dip in motorway traffic as holidaymakers, instead of packing up their cars, choose to stay at home. It is also reported that the country's Centers for Disease Control is asking people to not travel - either by road or by any other means.

In the UK too, people are being increasingly asked by local authorities to put off trips even within the country. Several foreign countries, including India, have anyway suspended air links with the UK.

What this could, however, also mean is that while air travel in many countries could be affected, those determined to move out to usher in celebrations may well take to their personal vehicles. Even then though, the numbers are likely to be lesser than in previous years.