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Honda Motor is recalling over 1.6 million minivans and SUVs in the US in four different recalls that were posted by the country's government on Tuesday.

The carmaker will fix problems related to faulty backup camera displays, malfunctioning dashboard lights and sliding doors that do not latch properly.

The issues affect certain Odyssey minivans from 2018 to 2020, Pilot SUVs from 2019 through 2021 and Passport SUVs from 2019 and 2020.

Honda recalled these vehicles after discovering problems related to faulty backup camera software programming, water entering door handles, water getting into camera mounting holes and defective instrument panel software in the affected vehicles.

The largest recall involves nearly 608,000 Odysseys, Pilot and Passport SUVs. Critical dashboard functions such as the speedometer, engine oil light and gear position of these units can fail to display due to faulty software.

The second recall involves almost half-million Odysseys, Passports and Pilots. In these units, incorrect software programming can stop the rear camera displays from functioning properly.

Over 324,000 Odysseys are a part of the third recall. These cars face issues concerning sliding door handles. Water can get into these outer door handle cables and freeze in cold temperatures, stopping the doors from latching properly.

The final recall involves over 212,000 Odysseys in which water can get into the rear view camera mounting holes and distort the camera image.

The recalled vehicles will be fixed by the dealers at no extra cost to the owners, starting September 23.

(With inputs from the Associated Press)