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Image courtesy: Twitter/@AirspeederHQ
Image courtesy: Twitter/@AirspeederHQ

F1 of the skies? This could be world's first electric flying car race event

  • Star Wars may be coming to life with manned electric flying cars getting ready for racing in the open world.

  • Airspeeder is pioneering the development of these flying machines that could redefine racing as we know it.

Electric vehicles are quite the rage at ground level but what about the open skies where speed may be nearly limitless? There is a race event likely around the next proverbial bend as Airspeeder is racing towards possibly becoming the first such competition for manned flying electric cars.

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Airspeeder has already signed the United Nations’ Sports for Climate Action pledge and may make use of manned electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles (eVTOL).

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Backed by an Australian company called Alauda, Airspeeder is developing Mk4 electric flying cars with 10 such models being provided to competing teams for the eventual race in the skies.

It is also reported that these aerial electric vehicles will be capable of hitting speeds of up to 160 kmph and blaze to 100 kmph in just 2.3 seconds. Use of carbon-fibre composite technologies to not only keep the weight down - each unit weighing around 400 kilos, but to ensure better manoeuvrability, increased speed and enhanced safety. Eight motors with two blades each will have the role of powering each of these machines which would have a race/flight time of anywhere between five and 20 minutes. With the use of advanced technologies, it is claimed that no aerial collisions would take place.

The competing aerial vehicles have been designed by drawing inspiration from the F1 cars of 1950s but with aesthetics that are not only contemporary but futuristic as well.

Airspeeder, on its website, describes the event as 'The Formula 1 of the skies.' And it also informs that unlike most conventional race events, it would not require in-person attendance and that the races would be live streamed - there would be eight broadcast cameras on board, and will also make use of augmented reality.

In what could be a scene straight out of a movie based on a futuristic world, the flying cars battling each other for a place on the pedestal could well be nearer than previously thought.

  • First Published Date : 30 Mar 2021, 09:42 AM IST