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Mercedes-Benz has revealed its new and massive MBUX Hyperscreen - a 56-inch massive, curved screen unit that extends along the entire width of the vehicle in front of the driver and front passenger.

The Hyperscreen that will be first time optionally available in the fully electric luxury saloon EQS, was digitally showcased during the 2021 digital version of the Consumer Electronics Show. The EQS sedan will be fully debuted only later in 2021 and will go on sale in the US in the second half of that year as a 2022 model year product.

The Hyperscreen incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) technology that takes the operation and display of infotainment, comfort and vehicle functions to a new level. Mercedes says that the display unit is representative of the emotional intelligence of the entire vehicle and is highly capable of learning. It enhances the digital experience of the driver and passengers and makes it intuitive and effortless.

Several displays combine seamlessly with MBUX Hyperscreen. It forms a single curved screen strip, 141 centimetres wide. Passengers can benefit from 2,432.11 cm2 of screen space.

MBUX stands out with technical features such as an 8-core CPU, 24 gigabytes of RAM and 46.4 GB of RAM memory bandwidth per second.

The screen brightness is adapted to the ambient conditions with the measurement data of 1 multi-functional camera and 1 light sensor. The screen can be personalised with up to 7 profiles for the front passenger.

The large screen glass is muolded at 650 degrees Celsius and formed into a three-dimensional curved form. This process ensures a seamless view across the entire width of the vehicle, regardless of the radius of the screen glass.

The user only needs to navigate at the main menu level to access the most important applications. Mercedes-Benz calls this "Zero Layer".

There are a total of 12 activators under the screen for touch feedback during use. When the user touches certain points with his finger, a vibration is triggered on the screen glass.

Two coatings of the screen glass reduce reflections and make cleaning easier. The curved glass itself consists of scratch resistant aluminium silicate.

As safety precautions, five grippers that bend at the moment of collision come into play thanks to the side sill openings and honeycomb texture at predetermined breaking points.

The MBUX Hyperscreen will play a role as the digital core of the EQS model. Mercedes will reveal other details about the digital screen during the digital showcase. These details will give insight into the display unit's control over functionality, material, design, technical details, its unique features and its development.