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Tesla cars are known for the amount of space and comfort they offer as much as their performance, tech features and clean power. But when NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal wants an even bigger Tesla, it is quite easy to see just why. At 7-feet tall, the iconic former basketball player may find it a little bit of an ask to get inside the biggest of passenger vehicles.

In a video doing the rounds on the internet, Shaq is seen getting inside what appears to be a Tesla Model S, an EV which does offer adequate space for most customers. Quite evident in the video is a little bit of an extra effort for the 48-year-old to get inside the vehicle and make himself comfortable. Once he does settle in, Shaq puts up a question for Tesla CEO Elon Musk. "Elon, you wanna make a big boy Tesla?"

And while Shaq's question appeared to be on a lighter note, the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck may just be more meant for him. The big proportions of the electric pick-up means it is unlikely for even someone like Shaq to find it too hard to get in, out or be seated in.

Quite obviously though, the latest video featuring Shaq has become quite the talk of the online town with shares and comments galore.