Photo courtesy: Twitter/@mattreevesLA
Photo courtesy: Twitter/@mattreevesLA

Wait till you hear it: New sharper and sleeker Batmobile revealed

  • Director Matt Reeves recently took to Twitter to showcase the new Batmobile of the Caped Crusader.

Fighting the bad guys in Gotham City can be quite a challenging day at work. Even if you're Batman. Thank the stars then that the superhero will now battle evil in an all-new Batmobile which is sharper and sleeker than ever before.

Director Matt Reeves recently took to Twitter to showcase the new mean machine of the Caped Crusader. In the three photos shared on the social platform, Reeves covers the Batmobile from every key angle and shows how the supercar for the superhero has evolved over the years. The latest machine gets focused head lights at the front and snazzy three-slat tail lights over at the rear. And still, the car continues to retain key visual elements that scream it is indeed a Batmobile - chunky muscle bonnet, slightly sloping roofline going into a cape-like design over the rear profile and the works. Despite looking extremely contemporary, the new Batmobile manages to also pay ode to the vehicle as seen in Batman comics from the 1970s and 1980s.

In the photos shared by Reeves, actor Robert Pattinson - who plays Batman in the upcoming movie - is seen in a Batsuit and with the Batmobile. There were some speculations that the next edition of the Batman movie franchise may not feature Batmobile at all but the most-recent photos shares by the director could signal that the crime-busting car is alive and kicking.

Batmobile first made an appearance back in Detective Comics No. 27 in 1939. At the time, it was in red hues but changing years has meant evolution for the Batmobile as well.