How to make your car shiny and clean at home: Key tips

  • Following some easy tips can ensure you clean the car at home.
car wash
Following some easy tips can ensure you clean the car at home. (AP)
car wash
Following some easy tips can ensure you clean the car at home.

Diwali is coming and it is considered as one of the most auspicious time of the year in India. While people clean their houses, a car too deserves some cleaning. A car experiences so much dust and debris throughout the day, especially if it is driven in a city. Therefore it is important to ensure that the car gets washed properly and thoroughly every once in a while. With the biggest festival of light coming in a few days, why not give your car a shiny and clean look?

An essential part of making the car shiny and clean-looking is cleaning it frequently. While a shiny clean look not only boosts the owner or driver's confidence, it also uplifts the mood. Besides that, keeping the car clean and tidy is essential for ensuring that it performs well and stays well-functional for a long time. It is not necessary to take the car to a professional to wash it every time the vehicle gets dirty. It can be easily washed at home using simple tools.

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Here are some simple tips to make your car shiny and clean before this Diwali.

Wash the vehicle using a car wash soap

The most effective way to clean a car is to do it manually. However, using the right soap is essential to make the cleaning effective. Never use regular or dishwashing soaps, as they can tamper with the vehicle's paint job. Always use an authentic car wash soap from a reputed brand, which will do the job without hurting the paint job of the car. Buckets full of water and a good car wash soap along with rubbing components are all you need for this.

Always clean from top to down

A common mistake many people make while washing their cars is cleaning the vehicle randomly. It doesn't lead to a proper cleaning. Hence, one should start cleaning the car from the top, for example, the roof, hood, and windshield. Then one should move on to the lower regions. Also, never wash the car under direct sunlight.

Use clean water and different brushes

Always use clean water to wash the car. Using the same dirty water that you have already used to clean the car will not yield the desired result and may harm the paintwork of the car. Also, use different-sized brushes. This will help you effectively clean the hard-to-reach spots.

Be careful with carpet and upholstery

While cleaning the interiors, be careful with the carpet and upholstery. Also, be careful about the materials you are using to clean the interior of the car. It is advised to vacuum up the dirt and debris on the floor and seats. Use dry scrubbing brushes to clean out the remaining dirt. The upholstery can be cleaned using a deep cleaner or extractor.

Be careful with the intricate components

While cleaning the engine bay or electrical components like lights, be extra careful. To clean these parts, check the user manual first and use the right materials as well. Also, be careful about disassembling any parts if you need to while cleaning them.

Key tips to make your car shiny and clean
Step 1 :

Wash the vehicle using car wash soap

Step 2 :

Always clean from top to bottom

Step 3 :

Use clean water and different brushes

Step 4 :

Be careful with carpet and upholstery

Step 5 :

Be careful with intricate components

First Published Date: 31 Oct 2023, 10:49 AM IST

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