Does Tata Punch Pose a Competition to the Hyundai Creta?

Tata Punch, with its competitive pricing and safety features, poses a strong challenge to Creta, offering a practical and affordable alternative in th
Tata Punch and Hyundai Creta
Tata Punch and Hyundai Creta

The battle associated with car sizes in the modern-day car industry is evident. That's why, despite having bigger counterparts, some people (always seek) smaller variants that are easy to park and manoeuvre.

At first glance, Tata Motor's Punch might seem outmatched by Creta's impressive stature. But for modern car owners who seek easy-to-park and manoeuvrable SUVs, Tata Punch snatches all the attention.

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Now, the question is, how does this car challenge Creta with its audacious agenda? That's the discussion of this post.

So, If you want to understand how Punch's features compete against Creta, welcome to this post. Here, you will understand how Tata Punch gives a challenging competition to Creta.

The Battle for Exterior and Cabin Features

Creta's generous host of features and plush interiors are incomparable. But if you consider 2023's Punch, despite having assertive styling language, this vehicle includes a touchscreen infotainment system.

The connected car technology and well-crafted cabin make Punch a tough competition to Creta. As for the look and styling, Punch has a distinct design, with bold lines and muscular haunches. Punch's unconventional design philosophy goes hand in hand with Creta's traditional aesthetic.

Safety System and Comfort Features – Creta Wins the Bet

Car owners are more concerned about safety features, especially in a land like India, where road conditions are rough and challenging. To give a great experience to car owners, both Punch and Creta prioritise protecting passengers and drivers with safety features.


Creta's reputation and established track record for reliability gives it an edge over the new Punch. However, Tata's dedication to safety and strict testing protocols make its performance extraordinarily amazing. Here are a few safety and comfort features of both models.

Anyone looking for a sub-compact SUV in a budget-friendly range can consider Tata Punch. Besides interiors, exteriors and other features, what impress fans are these safety features:

  • Two airbags
  • Child Safety Lock
  • Door Alarm Warning
  • Anti-lock braking System and more

Creta's safety system makes your on-road experience safer with these features:

  • Six airbags
  • Child Safety Lock
  • Door Alarm Warning
  • Central Locking and more


If you want to buy a Hyundai car to boost comfortable driving, you should have a look at Creta's base model:

  • USB Compatibility
  • Infotainment Screen
  • Keyless Entry
  • Four Cup Holders
  • Foldable key
  • AC Vent in the second row
  • Adjustable headrests

Tata blesses prospective Punch owners with these comfort features in the base model:

  • Two Cup Holders
  • Smart key for keyless entry
  • Electromagnetic boot lid opener
  • Adjustable Head Rest for front and rear

Finally, despite having fewer features, Creta is a better alternative owing to the various features. But for a budget-friendly car owner, Punch's features look more attractive when the comparison is made based on the prices.

Pricing Paradigm between Creta and Punch – How Much Do They Cost This Year?

A distinct advantage of Tata Punch lies in its excellent pricing. Budget-friendly buyers seeking a versatile and practical vehicle in India can consider Punch (blindfolded). Here's an overview of Punch's on-road prices in Delhi based on the variants.


On-Road Prices in Delhi


Rs. 6.63 lakhs

Pure Rhythm

Rs. 7.23 lakhs


Rs. 7.91 lakhs

Adventure Rhythm

Rs. 8.29 lakhs

Accomplished AMT

Rs. 9.50 lakhs

Pure CNG

Rs. 8.16 lakhs

Adventure CNG

Rs. 8.95 lakhs


Rs. 8.84 lakhs

Accomplished Dazzle

Rs. 9.28 lakhs

Adventure AMT

Rs. 8.57 lakhs

Creative AMT

Rs. 10.60 lakhs


Rs. 9.94 lakhs

Accomplished Dazzle S AMT

Rs. 10.49 lakhs

Adventure Rhythm AMT

Rs. 8.95 lakhs

Accomplished Dazzle S CNG

Rs. 11.04 lakhs

Accomplished S AMT

Rs. 10.05 lakhs

Creative S

Rs. 10.43 lakhs

Creative S AMT

Rs. 11.09 lakhs

Creative Flagship

Rs. 10.76 lakhs

Accomplished Dazzle AMT

Rs. 9.94 lakhs

Adventure Rhythm CNG

Rs. 9.34 lakhs

Accomplished S

Rs. 9.39 lakhs

Accomplished Dazzle S

Rs. 9.83 lakhs

Accomplished CNG

Rs. 10.05 lakhs

Creative Flagship AMT

Rs. 11.83 lakhs

You can findHyundai Creta in nineteen options (within Rs. 13.00 lakhs to 23.88 lakhs). Here is the Creta's prices list based on the on-road prices in Delhi:


On-Road Price in Delhi

1.5 E

Rs. 13.00 lakhs

1.5 EX

Rs. 14.34 lakhs

1.5 E (Diesel)

Rs. 15.02 lakhs

1.5 S

Rs. 15.74 lakhs

1.5 EX Diesel

Rs. 16.46 lakhs

1.5 S(O)

Rs. 16.80 lakhs

1.5 S (Diesel)

Rs. 17.88 lakhs

1.5 SX

Rs. 17.88 lakhs

1.5 S(O) IVT

Rs. 18.54 lakhs

1.5 SX Tech

Rs. 18.66 lakhs

1.5 S(O) (Diesel)

Rs. 18.97 lakhs

1.5 SX(O)

Rs. 20.14 lakhs

1.5 SX Tech IVT

Rs. 20.40 lakhs

1.5 S(O) AT Diesel

Rs. 23.88 lakhs

1.5 SX Tech (Diesel)

Rs. 20.87 lakhs

1.5 SX(O) IVT

Rs. 21.83 lakhs

1.5 SX(O) Diesel

Rs. 22.38 lakhs

1.5 SX(O) Turbo DCT

Rs. 23.32 lakhs

1.5 SX(O) AT Diesel

Rs. 24.81 lakhs

Final Verdict

Ultimately, whether Punch competes against Creta's dominance comes down to your priorities. So, it’s a decision that you need to make, and it is based on your needs. Creta (undoubtedly) offers a great package. However, the Tata car’s compactness and functionalities make it one fierce rival.

Undoubtedly, Creta's reign might remain unopposed when it comes to the premium ranges of compact SUVs. But Punch's emergence hints at rather an affordable and practical choice, where styling and base remain uncompromised.

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First Published Date: 27 Mar 2024, 17:04 PM IST

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