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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the country's finance minister - officially referred to as Chancellor of the Exchequer - Rishi Saunak have been ridiculed by fellow countrymen online after the two posed with electric car charging guns at during a recent visit to a green energy company.

Local media reports, including this one in Daily Mail, cited how netizens are pointing out the rather bizarre pose the duo struck while holding on to EV charging guns during their visit to Octopus Energy in London. The bulk of the mocking was directed towards Johnson who posed with the charging gun like it was a weapon. Saunak was by his side and many observed how utterly awkward he looked even as the PM went about his 'theatrics.' "Exclusive image of Boris Johnson, who has been confirmed as the next James Bond, on the sets of the yet unannounced 26th film, along side his 'Bond Girl', Rishi Saunak," one Twitter user wrote. "I don't think much of the Batman and Robin reboot," said another.

And while the two politicians may have offered themselves up for some light-hearted banter online, the photo itself is likely to put the focus on UK's push towards electric mobility. Johnson has previously said that he wishes to see UK become the 'Saudi Arabia of green energy' and while the country is yet to announce incentives or measures which can match up to the ones rolled out recently in France and Germany, Johnson says he is committed to the cause of renewable energy powering vehicles in the country.

Car sales in the UK has been stuttering due to lockdown restrictions that have been in place owing to Covid-19. Even still, EVs are seen with a lot of hope here and some estimates suggest as many as 164,100 pure EVs were sold here till end of September. Registrations of EVs, therefore, are significantly higher than for conventional vehicles and Johnson's foray into a era of mobility - while posing or otherwise, could be a boon for both EV makers as well as buyers.