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Image: Francis Wong on YouTube
Image: Francis Wong on YouTube

Tesla Model 3 gets rear-ended in highway pile-up; rear-ends another vehicle

  • As per a video footage, at least three vehicles were definitely a part of the highway pile-up where two of these vehicles were clearly rear-ended.

Highway pile-ups are quite a common scenario on motorways and highways worldwide and often involve multiple vehicles, even 10-20 of these or more. Though a lot of highway pile-ups make it to national news, a lot these make it only to the local news circle.

A footage of one such highway pile-up in the US involving a Tesla Model 3 has been recorded on a Tesla cam.

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The video shows an unknown vehicle being hit and rear-ended by the Tesla electric sedan. It can be seen that the vehicle with the rear-facing camera presses brakes and stops on the highway and it can be presumed that other vehicles could be stopped in front of it or the driver would have seen something ahead and decided to bring the car to a halt.

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Once this rear-camera vehicle stops, the video shows a white Tesla Model 3 approaching from behind and stopping within a safe distance behind the former. But shortly, the Tesla seems to have been hit from behind and thus rear-ended by another vehicle. This gives it a thrust to move forward and hit from the behind the car with the camera, thus rear-ending it in turn.

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It is not clear how many vehicles were exactly involved in the pile-up but at least three were definitely a part of the highway accident, based on the video. It is possible that more vehicles would have been involved and this could have just been the start of a larger pileup. A footage from the rear-ended Tesla Model 3 that was in between the other two vehicles could have given a better picture of the situation and how severe was the pile-up.

Often fog on highways lead to such pile-ups or even stopping the car for a bit for some work could lead to a situation like this.

  • First Published Date : 07 Apr 2021, 04:57 PM IST