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Ola Autos will now feature protective partition screens in a bid to further ensure safety of both the driver as well as passengers. The move is under the company's RideSafeIndia initiative which was previously launched to boost personal safety in current times of Covid-19 pandemic.

The lockdown across the country over the past several weeks resulted in cab and auto rides falling drastically. With people at home, revenue streams of companies like Ola and other ride-hailing services took a hit. With the country now emerging from weeks of lockdown in a phased manner, there is still a high degree of caution being exercised.

To possibly alleviate concerns of passengers in such times, Ola has announced that additional measures would be put into place. Ola Autos operate in more than 120 cities across the country and these would now get protective partition screens between the driver's section and the passenger seats. The company is ensuring that drivers wear masks at all times while on duty while vehicle fumigation has been made mandatory - once every three days.

Masks are also compulsory for passengers as part of Ola's 'Five Layers of Safety' plan. Auto drivers are equipped with hygiene kits which include masks, sanitisers and cleaning equipment. "With these added safety measures for Ola Auto, both driver-partners and citizens are assured of a comfortable and safe ride," said Anand Subramanian, Ola spokesperson.