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There was some respite for consumers as petrol and diesel prices remain unchanged for the first time on Saturday after four days of continuous hikes this week. The prices have remained unchanged after petrol price was increased by 87 paise per litre and diesel by a rupee in the last four days.

India saw an increase in fuel prices almost after 20 days since April 15 amid the Covid-19 crisis. The first petrol hike that was registered this month stood at 90.55 in Delhi and the diesel price went up 18 paise and stood at 80.91. The maximum city saw a rise in the price of petrol by 12 paise per litre and cost around 96.95. The cost of diesel in Mumbai also went by 17 paise per litre standing at 87.98. In Chennai, petrol prices also touched 92.55 per litre after a 12-paise hike while diesel price saw a hike of 15 paise per litre and stood at 85.90.

The prices again went hiked on 5 May after a second hike. The cost of petrol in the national capital went up to 90.74 per litre and the price of diesel stood at 81.12 per litre. In Mumbai, the price of petrol per litre stood at 97.12 and diesel was at 88.19 per litre. Chennai too saw a hike in petrol and diesel prices. It was at 92.70 for a litre of petrol and 86.09 respectively. While in Kolkata the price was revised to 90.92 per litre for petrol and 83.98 per litre for diesel. Thursday too saw a hike in the fuel prices making it the third consecutive hike. However, this raise was much high compared to the earlier two days. The oil companies increased petrol price by 25 paise per litre and diesel by 30 paise per litre.

Prices of petrol in Mumbai inched towards 97.34 per litre and diesel went up to 88.49 per litre. In Delhi, petrol’s price stood at 90.00 per litre and the price of diesel was 81.42 per litre. Fuel prices in Chennai also registered an increase and hence the price of petrol was at 92.90 for a litre and 86.35 for a litre of diesel. The city of joy was too left in worry as the revised price of petrol was at 91.14 per litre and 84.26 per litre for diesel.

The streak went on as Friday too saw an increase in fuel prices. The price of petrol increased by 28 paise per litre and the price of diesel went up by 31 paise per litre. This hike was the highest amongst all. Petrol price in Delhi was at 91.27 per litre while diesel stood at 81.73 per litre. In Mumbai, the petrol price was 97.61 per litre and the diesel was at 88.82 for a litre. The price of petrol and diesel in Kolkata was at 91.41 and 84.57 per litre respectively and in Chennai, a litre of petrol was at 93.15 while diesel price went to 86.65 per litre.

The last fuel price revision took place on April 15 as the price of petrol and diesel were reduced by 14 paise and 16 paise per litre respectively. This year since March 24, the price of petrol saw a reduction of 77 paise per litre and diesel saw a reduction by 74 paise per litre.