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Investing in good tyres is investing in vehicle safety. (REUTERS)
Investing in good tyres is investing in vehicle safety. (REUTERS)

How to choose right tyres for a car

  • A lot of factors like vehicle performance, fuel efficiency, car safety depend on choosing the right tyres.

Tyres are one of the most important parts of any vehicle as they are the only connection between the vehicle and the road surface. Choosing the right set of tyres is very important for the car, as they enhance vehicle performance, braking and handling quality, fuel efficiency and car safety as well. Investing in good tyres and choosing wisely mean investing in safety and saving precious money as well.

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Here are a few simple and useful tips to choose the right set of tyres for a car.


Size matters:

While buying new tyres, the consumer should check the size. The size of tyre is generally mentioned on the sidewall of a tyre. So how to decode that? For example, if a tyre size is written as 195/55 R 16 87V, the 195 mm is the tread width of the tyre and it has 55% tread width that contributes in making the height of the sidewall. The R refers to the radial construction of the tyre, while 16 refers to the diameter of the wheel in inches, 87 refers to the load index of the tyre and V refers to the speed rating of the tyre.

The size of a tyre can be determined by three parts - rim, width of the tread of the tyre and height of the sidewalls.


Tube or Tubeless:

Selecting between tube-type and tubeless tyres should not be a tought task and one should always opt for tubeless ones as they are advanced and safer than the tube-type tyres. The tubeless tyres have some other advantages as well. To install the tubeless tyres, alloy wheels are not necessary as the basic steel wheels can fit with them pretty well, given that they are rust-free and have an anti-rust coating inside.


Trade the right tread:

Choosing the right tread pattern of the tyres is a critical part while buying tyres. The tread pattern of a tyre plays a key role in a vehicle's overall driving experience as they are responsible for the performance of a car in different weather and road conditions. The treads channel the water away when a car is driving through a waterlogged area. Generally, there are three types of tread patterns - conventional, uni-directional, and asymmetric.


Brand name matters:

While buying a set of tyres, one should opt for a good brand instead of any local manufacturers. Buying tyres from a reputed brand ensures the buyers get peace of mind with better quality material and high standard products. The warranty available with the tyre and the manufacturing date of it too matters. Hence, while buying tyres, once should check these carefully.


Rubber quality:

The quality of rubber used in manufacturing the tyre is certainly a very important criteria to be checked while buying a tyre. The rubber component is responsible for the traction and the treadwear characteristics of a tyre. If the buyer is purchasing a tyre that is made with high-quality material, then the traction and the speed rating of the tyre will be higher than a low-quality material tyre. A high-quality tyre also helps the car to get a good grip on the road while braking. Hence, it is essential for vehicle safety as well.

  • First Published Date : 10 Mar 2021, 04:08 PM IST